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Yae: Blind Samurai Woman (TV Series)



Series Bible is available

When Yae brings a boy back from the dead, the superstitious townsfolk come to arrest her, she must escape with her father. But when an old samurai foe kills Yae’s father, the nearly-blind Yae must confront the attacker and exact her revenge…

Cherry Blossom


(Fantasy/Love Story)

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Lookbook is available

In the 1600s, a young British botanist travels to Japan for research, only to discover a beautiful spirit of a cherry blossom tree and falls deeply in love with her, dedicating himself to protecting her at all costs.

15 pages sample

American POW



Lookbook is available. 

An American POW captured by the Japanese in WWII, and despondent over the recent loss of his wife, is now faced with having to live with a Japanese foreign exchange student in his son’s home in Fresno, California. 

15 pages sample

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