American POW



第二次世界大戦中に日本軍の元戦争捕虜だったジョージ。妻を亡くし、落ち込んでいる彼は、フレズノに住んでいる息子の家族と住む事になるが、 大嫌いな日本人の学生が交換留学生として息子の家にやってきた。


Akiko has an impeccable character. Her dedication to her work is simply outstanding. Her drive and vision are equally on par, keeping her crew and talent in the moment and on point. As for experience, Akiko brings plenty to the table, directing in multiple genres.


                                                                        - Jason Hampton - Freelance Filmmaker Group Owner


Akiko is not only her great talent as a director, but also her work ethic, professionalism and dedication with which she is pursuing her career. She is passionately committed to bringing her voice and style to the big screen.

-James Yi - Producer



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